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A few of our latest miracles ...

We love working to create Branding & Strategy for our clients.  Here's just a few we've taken from 0-100 in just a few weeks!

We had so much fun creating a Business name, logo, website & flyers for this lovely lady's business.  Making the transition from operating as her own name to a business, has proven to be a massive success with enquiry and new clients like she has never seen before in the 4 years she was operating!  We're so stoked for you Wei!!  

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Art House Reproductions of Brisbane wanted to take their Art Reproduction service to a new level and assist artists sell their work online.  The new website design was done using a sophisticated art shopping cart back end and customised to create a dynamic website.  This project also included additional landing pages and dowloadable content, Social Media strategy including advertising and Google campaign as well as email marketing to the growing database.

This established business needed a facelift that would elevate from just a service agent, but a leader in their industry. Updating their logo and website had immediate effects with industry peers calling our client to express how impressed they were.  The other immediate effect was a dramatic up-stat in the number of quality enquiries leading to new opportunities worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Their site is heavily optimised and Google verified placing them at the top of their search results on the first page of Google.

Lots of work went into creating a brand new website & expanded social media presence for this business.  Replacing an old, tired, hard to navigate website with a brand new look, feel and functionality has not only seen increased business online, but also increased their organic rankings to first page, & usually first listing on Google in their category.  A new strategy on Facebook has also seen them double their quality followers in 1 year, which took previously 6 years to obtain, and the interraction with the Facebook community is now a critical factor of success for this client.  

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from this.....              to this!

Cats meow

So who's success story is next?  


Could it be yours?

Ann,  had a vision for her sea-change business as a Wedding Celebrant that was going unrealised with a website & branding image that did not represent the incurable romantic she truly was. Reading like a resume, her website was not converting - so ! a complete overhaul was required!!  logo, website, cards, flyers, exhibition banner and some assistance with her social media is now giving her the satisfaction of doing what she loves, with regular bookings with the right type of clients she enjoys working with.

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Aww shucks! (embarrassingly good testimonials)

I met Sheree through a local business group and after a few discussions about the marketing strategy and business model for my Marriage Celebrancy business, I asked her to work with me to update my branding.


Sheree designed and set up classy, well-constructed and appealing branding; logo; website; facebook page and business cards for me for my business, and flyers for Expos. She also helped me set up my domain name and email hosting.


Sheree has guided, advised, helped and collaborated with me from the time we first discussed ramping up my marketing strategy and business model. She remains an ongoing and trusted marketing advisor, business coach and friend.


Sheree has all the attributes of someone you want “on your team”. She is creative, organised, patient!, innovative, resourceful, extra helpful, flexible and friendly and has many other great characteristics.


I have no hesitation in recommending Sheree Lenton of O2 Creative if you are looking for someone to design your website and/or marketing materials or just want someone to talk to about developing your business."


Ann Ricketts - Celebrant

You are unnblleeeevvvvabblle … diligent, meticulous, conscientious, thorough, prompt etc etc etc … and do ya reckkin I appreciate it!!!

Thanks again



Bruce Keogh - Crafty Fox Furniture

O2 Creative certainly gave me much needed creative oxygen with brilliant work, first with my Crafty Fox Furniture logo then a superb job on my website – great copy writing, design and function. Organising well-priced brochures was a breeze and advice on social media was invaluable. I would definitely recommend Sheree Lenton to anyone wanting to establish or improve their business platform. Thanks Sheree for your friendly, professional support and guidance. I can breathe easy now, thanks to your help.


Bruce Keogh - Crafty Fox Furniture

From Bruce again...

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Meet the ideas people ...

Sheree Lenton - o2creative

Sheree Lenton - creative director & sunglass wearer

When not cooking up a pot of branding genius, Sheree can be found with a paintbrush in hand working on her own self expression as an artist or cooking for her favourite people.  Working with some of Australia’s leading disciplines in behaviour, performance, business strategy and sales process, brings a new breed of marketing edge for her clients that goes far beyond ‘pretty pictures’ and a stylish font.  Her work is showcased by the results experienced for her clients. Slightly workaholic, always meticulous, and a penchant for ‘getting it right’ is what feeds Sheree’s passion and genuine love for all that she does.  

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Daphnie - Co-worker2

Daphnie - project supervisor & sleepaholic

A valuable team member, Daphnie reminds us that life is a lot simpler than we make it.  Delighting in a bed beside the heater, she supervises all the O2 creative projects,  and only when her lick of approval is given, do we dare release our designs to our clients.  


Alison Hamilton - Designer & Mum

Alison, superstar Artist and creative extraordinaire, gets called in for all the big jobs that need... well... that just need Alison, really.  Basically we wind her up and just let her go to produce the most amazing, intriquing, out of the box and visually stunning designs you've ever seen.   Mum to Ilona, much of her own personal pieces are inspired by her gorgeous daughter.  

11666265_792295600889203_154757450469991975_n 12194555_1391143727851608_2615277741943453551_o 11850594_824001521051944_3020917714131150470_o

Anwyn Howarth - Photographer & visionary

Yep! that's how you'll usually find her.  Out and about with a camera attached, taking those one in a million shots.   A genius behind the lens, a moment captured perfectly for all time, a thousand messages conveyed, emotions evoked... Yeah!  We kinda think she's pretty good!

Ask us how you can get your own custom images for your business - it's so easy when you have someone like  Annie working with you.

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craig leaney 12976931_1778196652415498_1144174829438104777_o

Craig Leaney - sales spinner & money generator

This very professional, slick looking fellow is the Secret Weapon of many top Australian Companies for working out how to put more zero's on the end of the dollars in their bank accounts.  Craig custom designs sales strategies and performs  sales team training that is nothing short of miraculous! We borrow him from time to time. But don't worry, he's not all uptight and serious all the time, or hey! he'd be no fun at all!  In fact, we probably haven't done him justice here, you should probably  check out his seriously professional linkedin profile ...

0417 753 728


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Sheree’s creative marketing skills have significantly increased the profile of our business, Cat’s Meow Cattery, particularly on social media. She has shown great initiative and energy to bring new ideas and a professional approach to our marketing efforts. Sheree delivers a prompt and reliable service that is highly recommended.


Nothing is a problem and I would highly recommend Sheree for any marketing.  She also built our web site for us and we could not be happier.  An absolute asset for anyone.


Sharon Tooth  - Cat's Meow

Sheree of O2 Creative did a great job for me recently on behalf of a conference client. She came up with the look/logo and designed and maintains the website - all in great time and my client and I are very happy with her work.


Jenny Marsden - Plan Ahead Events

Daisy - apprentice & general dog's body!

Daphnie was overwhelmed with her current workload, so we felt she needed an apprentice to train and eventually take over some of her tasks - so we have added Daisy to our O2 creative family.   I think this may have backfired on us as she mostly can be found distracting poor ol' Daph with demands for chasey and fetch - which actually isn't fetch as all as she rarely ever brings anything back!  Ah well.. at least she has a descerning eye for great design!  When she's awake...

Daph & Daisy - O2 creative staff Allan Jackson

When it comes to writing the good stuff, Allan comes with a long background as a commercial writer and public relations consultant for companies including Fairfax Media... and is pretty darn good with all matters grammar-ly, we have to say.  Knowing the difference between your and you’re,  and to and too, effect and affect means us creative types can rest assured Allan has our words in cheque ( or is that check??!)  Anyway this is why we leave it to Allan.  


Ps. We found out recently Allan can also reheat a good pie and sausage roll and is the person you want on your Trivia Quiz team!! Go Allan  

Allan Jackson - our worthy-wordsmith

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